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About Winn

This is my author blog, where I write about the things that I am writing or hope to write. I hope you enjoy your visit here and come back often.

Now, Let me introduce myself.

I have functioned as a publisher, Bible teacher, pastor, and writer for over forty years. I have taught in the church and in the college system during that time. I am the founder and president of Seeing the Bible Live Ministries, and Harmon Press.

I served as the Research Director for Vineyard Ministries International, Anaheim, CA and was the Editor for two years of First Fruits the first Vineyard publication where I edited and administered a monthly magazine publication with a circulation of 25,000. I created the Vineyard Institute for Ministry, which was the first training center for young Vineyard pastors where I authored and taught five new courses in a two-year span. I gave oversight to personnel and training in two other Vineyard schools and have made hundreds of public presentations.

I am the author of God’s EPIC Adventure, a tour of the Story of God. Previously, I wrote a quarterly Bulletin Insert publication called WordWise for local churches interested in providing their folks with a weekly Bible study. These bulletin inserts are now being converted to be read at Training Jesus Followers, along with conversion to eBooks and pBooks. The first one that has been published is googling God’s Will: Why Keep Searching for It When It’s Not Lost? also as an eBook and my most recent pBook Gracelets: Being Conduits of the Extravagant Acts of God’s Grace. I served for several years as an adjunct professor at Bakke Graduate University in Seattle, WA, where I created their online course presence.

I love spending time with my family, collecting baseball cards, watching movies, eating banana sandwiches, traveling, reading mystery stories as pBooks and eBooks on my Kindle, and watching sports. I have a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and two Doctor of Ministry degrees. The first doctorate was in Biblical Studies while the second doctoral program was at George Fox University, Portland, OR, in Leadership in the Emerging Culture.

I am happily married to Donna Faith and we have two children and live in Washington State, USAmerica.